A White Ribbon for
SCID Newborn Screening

Primary Immune Deficiency Disease has been represented with a blue ribbon for many years. When the Immune Deficiency Foundation held its first Patient and Family Conference in 2001, many of the SCID families who had met online and shared each other’s losses and triumphs for many years would meet face-to-face for the first time. As a way to identify themselves to one another they decided to wear a ribbon attached to their name badges. There was some debate over the ribbon color, but that lead to a quick and definitive agreement: it must be white! More than half of the SCID families had at least one SCID angel. White was the color of choice because it would honor all those angels.

Through the years, we’ve continued to wear a white ribbon, and as we turned our combined efforts toward the implementation of SCID Newborn Screening our white ribbons, yet again, honor all those SCID angels and remind us that SCID Newborn Screening is their legacy.